Boy’s classes

Age: 5-14 years                                                         1 hr. / 8-week period – $126

Whether you are new to gymnastics or you can do a Round Off, Back Handspring, there is a  spot in our boy’s classes for you. Starting with fundamental skills, you will work on your strength, flexibility, air awareness and body control. You will learn to set goals, make an effort and achieve them and help build a positive self-esteem in the gym. 


Boy’s Class Schedule

Monday  3:55-4:55 pm (Ages 5-12)
Tuesday  5:00-6:00 pm (Ages 5-12)
Wednesday  3:55-4:55 pm  (Ages 5-8)
Wednesday  5:00-6:00 pm  (Ages 5-12)
Saturday  9:40-10:40 am (Ages 5-7)
Saturday  10:50-11:50 am (Ages 5-10)